Parking Requirements

It is the responsibility of the persons booking the van to ensure it has a place to park that meets the requirements below. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the event with no refund. Please contact us if you are unsure. *We have never had a party where we couldn’t find somewhere suitable to park the van.

Please ensure your location satisfies the below requirements before booking the van: –


  • Parking space of approximately two and a half car spaces in length
  • A clearing at the rear of the van for passengers to board safely
  • Access to a nearby standard plug socket
  • Space to access the location without causing damage to the van or its surroundings


  • Cannot be parked on yellow lines
  • Cannot be parked on a severe slope
  • Cannot be blocking any footpaths or access to footpaths
  • Cannot be parked where it is at risk of being issued with a penalty
  • Cannot be parked on a junction or anywhere where it could prove an obstruction to other traffic
  • If any fees are to be paid for parking this must be covered by the persons booking the van
  • Any extension lead used must not cause a hazard to passing road users or members of the public