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Gaming Squad. It pays to be different

Whereas most of our competitors choose to go with ceiling mounted air conditioners we at Gaming Squad have to be different. We paid a little extra so our air conditioners sit under our stadium style seating. So no ugly air conditioners getting in the way of the aesthetics we’re trying to achieve and extra head room for you lot. It’s a win win in our books.

Aesthetics has always been a very important part of the design process for us at Gaming Squad. We want a look that WOWs you when you first experience our party bus and having the air conditioners hidden away helps in that respect. We want the van to be your ultimate mobile gaming experience where the only thing you notice is the 4k TV’s, LED lighting and the likes of FIFA 18 blasting out of the darkness.

Gaming Squad vans are climate controlled

Gaming Squad vans are climate controlled

South Wales weather admits defeat

I’ve gone on a lot about air conditioning so I thought I’d share a little more on what air conditioner we at Gaming Squad chose to use. Whether it’s winter in Blaenavon or summer in sizzling Barry Island our van will always be at optimum temperature thanks to our Dometic Freshwell 3000 under bench air unit. It’s a model that cost a little more but we think it’s worth it. Their units are lightweight and compact, have quiet air circulation and come with three blower speeds which allows us to maintain the ideal climate with remarkable ease. It’s all remote controlled so no matter what South Wales throws at us the environment inside will always be picture perfect for you to enjoy your gaming birthday party in style 

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