Are you ready for 4 subwoofers on your party bus!

Gaming Squad Sound Bars set to deliver an awesome experience

Audio is half the equation when it comes to enjoying your entertainment. A sound bar does more than just make your favourite games louder or add more bass. With dedicated subwoofer and larger speakers our sound bars do a far better job than the speakers on board our TV’s. With four of them in the Gaming Squad van our sound bars will deliver that movie theatre feel.

Our sound bars are slim line with a wraparound grill. They not only add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the van but they sit nicely under our TV’s too. They also have a cool dot matrix style display which makes them look a little retro which is never a bad thing in our opinion ?

All four sound bars are connected via high quality optical cables giving us the best connection you can get with these devices. We have always plumped for the best option throughout this build as we want to deliver an awesome experience for everyone who boards the Gaming Squad party bus. They also have Bluetooth connectivity so if you’d rather to listen to tunes than mario the choice is all yours. You are free to do whichever makes you most happy.

With 60w of power in each speaker and 4 subwoofers these little beauties will deliver deeper bass and better quality sound than any TV could hope to do. And with four of them in the van they all help to deliver that theatre style environment we had always planned to achieve.

Book a gaming van party for yourselves today and you too can experience the awesome parties we are about to deliver all across South Wales.

Sound bars installed

Gaming Squad first sound bar installed

Gaming Squad bring you the complete cinematic experience

Happy days. We’re proud to bring you the first picture of our first sound bar installed and we think it looks pretty awesome even if we do say so ourselves. This little beauty is one of four bass booming sound bars in our gaming party bus. Each console and TV will have its own dedicated sound bar so you’ll enjoy full cinematic experience every time you game with us. We just need to make sure they don’t drown each other out 😉

With 4k TV’s and 4k consoles Gaming Squad now offer a full 4k gaming atmosphere with dedicated sounds that will deliver every inch of every play to enhance your gaming squad experience. Our sound bars are 2.1 meaning they have two stereo speakers and a dedicated subwoofer in each sound bar. Thats a lot of bass for a lot of van. Prepare to be blown away!

You can book your gaming van party with us early 2018 so keep an eye on our blog and our various social media pages for the latest news on the newest addition to your South Wales party scene.

Brand coloured seating by Gaming Squad

Gaming Squad brand coloured seating

Wow the Gaming Squad van is really starting to take shape. First our TV was installed and now we have the seating. Two tiered stadium style seating runs the entire offside of the vehicle and fits 16 of you for any party, birthday, wedding or whatever social gathering you want it for. It’s starting to look a lot like a gaming van ?

Your first experience of a gaming van

Open the doors, climb into the van and upon first boarding this party bus (the photos do not do its size justice) the seating really does make a superb impression. Finished in our brand colour jade it’s pleasing on the eye and presents a professional polished business. Again as we have done throughout the build we spent extra on the finish and we’re hoping the hard wearing vinyl will withstand everything you’re average 6 year old can throw at it ?

Gaming Squad brand coloured seating

Gaming Squad brand coloured seating

But that’s not all. The attention to detail in this build extends to every aspect of it. For example when it came to the design of the seating the guys spent hours sitting in every position to ensure optimum viewing from wherever you are sat. Its this attention to detail we hope will give everyone of you a top quality experience every time you book with Gaming Squad.

This new seating really does make a superb impression that I cannot do justice through words alone. We’ll be running a competition shortly giving some of you the chance to experience this van for yourself by winning Gaming Squads first ever party. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of this soon.

Gaming Squad – A look back at progress so far

Gaming Squad first TV installed

It’s time for the exciting stuff!  Goodbye to insulation, air conditioning and flooring and hello to the game changers!  TV’s, sound bars and games consoles will dominate the Gaming Squad Facebook page from now on, as we transform this builder’s van into a state of the art gaming party bus.  We cannot wait to show you the changes but now seems a good time to take stock.

It all started on a sunny summer’s day in Exeter.  We put major investment in purchasing our 14 plate van but the trip from the South West to its current home, the Rhondda valleys was not without drama.  Our van is no ordinary van. The largest 3.5 tonne of its type, it has the longest possible wheelbase and the highest possible roof.  It’s a van you cannot miss.  But with no load, a very windy day and wheels that weren’t properly aligned (thanks sellers!!!) the journey back was man versus van fight all the way home.  It was a very long day ☺  

South Wales first dedicated gaming party bus

Since that day the guys have done a superb job of transforming the van into South Wales first dedicated gaming van.  They stripped the van of all previous building remains which was no mean feat. It took two guys 9 hours!  The roof and sides were packed with Rockwool insulation to keep the van dry and warm at all times and then lined with high quality ply which gave us a clean canvas to perform the transformation.

ply lined Gaming Squad van

Dark grey corded carpet adornes the ply backed walls to create the awesome atmospheric gaming environment that hits you the moment you enter the van. This not only provides a dark background for the stars of the show to shine but also gives the van a warm comfy feeling.  The air conditioners were next and one was not enough for this huge beast of a van.  Two of them were purchased to keep this van cool in the summer and warm on those cold winter days.  Our two tiered stadium seating, covered in heavy duty branded vinyl across the entire offside of the vehicle seats 16 players and makes for an impressive sight when you first board the van.

Light show fantastic

The electrics, cabling and sockets have all been professionally installed and hidden away. The heavy duty TV brackets fitted to the side of the van are designed to withstand everything our British roads can throw at it.  Shiny, hard wearing checker plate flooring has been laid, not only practical but contrasts nicely with the darkness of the van and reflect the light show to lend to the awesome atmosphere.

Last but not least we have our first TV installed. It may not look much but it’s a seminal moment in this project and marks a distinct change in direction as we leave the foundations behind and start on the components that will transform the Gaming Squad van into South Wales first gaming party van. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and you’ll see every change. We’re also close to announcing the date the van will be launched. See you all soon.

South Wales gaming firm does things a little differently

Gaming Squad. It pays to be different

Whereas most of our competitors choose to go with ceiling mounted air conditioners we at Gaming Squad have to be different. We paid a little extra so our air conditioners sit under our stadium style seating. So no ugly air conditioners getting in the way of the aesthetics we’re trying to achieve and extra head room for you lot. It’s a win win in our books.

Aesthetics has always been a very important part of the design process for us at Gaming Squad. We want a look that WOWs you when you first experience our party bus and having the air conditioners hidden away helps in that respect. We want the van to be your ultimate mobile gaming experience where the only thing you notice is the 4k TV’s, LED lighting and the likes of FIFA 18 blasting out of the darkness.

Gaming Squad vans are climate controlled

Gaming Squad vans are climate controlled

South Wales weather admits defeat

I’ve gone on a lot about air conditioning so I thought I’d share a little more on what air conditioner we at Gaming Squad chose to use. Whether it’s winter in Blaenavon or summer in sizzling Barry Island our van will always be at optimum temperature thanks to our Dometic Freshwell 3000 under bench air unit. It’s a model that cost a little more but we think it’s worth it. Their units are lightweight and compact, have quiet air circulation and come with three blower speeds which allows us to maintain the ideal climate with remarkable ease. It’s all remote controlled so no matter what South Wales throws at us the environment inside will always be picture perfect for you to enjoy your gaming birthday party in style 

Gaming Squad van. Final look leaked!

Gaming squad artists impressions

Gaming Squad reveals first look at our final look

You climb into the back of the van. A wall of 4K High Definition screens glares back at you, back lit with colour changing LED’s, on a background of dark carpeted walls. This is what greets you when you first board our state of the art Gaming van!

Early artist’s impressions give you a first glimpse of what the final product will look like. Boarding the van you’ll be hit with a wall of four 43 inch High Definition screens side by side giving the impression of a wall of screen. The vivid gaming graphics of FIFA 18 and Mario Kart 8 will beam out against the darkness of the dark grey carpeted interior. Bass booming surround sound from dedicated sound bars mounted underneath each TV add to the theatre style experience. Add to that the entire van is backlit with colour changing mood lighting LED’s to create a special atmospheric gaming experience your kids will love.

Gaming Squads first dedicated gaming van is not far from completion. We’ll be announcing a chance to win our first party for free in the near future. Details will be posted on our Facebook page so get liking our page if you want to win this.

Gaming Squad artists impression

Gaming Squad artists impression


Our commitment to the WOW factor

Matt black stainless steel electric sockets

Sockets, sockets and yet more sockets

You’ve already seen the insulation and carpeting that will keep our van lovely toasty warm in those cold winter months. Today we wanted to show you our commitment to finish.

We want our van to provide you with that WOW factor ever time it pulls up to your party so it’s critical we get the finish right in everything we do. Even when it comes to electrical sockets! We could have gone for the cheap white sockets but oh no… we’ve gone for the matt black brushed stainless steel look.  We’ve even upgraded to include the USB charging sockets.  Its attention to detail on minor stuff like this that we hope will shine through when the van is finished and we truly believe that will be the case.

Gaming Squad electrical sockets

Gaming Squad electrical sockets

The van is transforming at an amazing rate and it won’t be long before we’re ready to start offering parties.  In the meantime we’ll be announcing a competition shortly to win a chance to win Gaming Squads first ever party. A chance for you and up to 16 of your friends to play video games in South Wales first dedicated gaming van.

South Wales first gaming van taking shape

South Wales first gaming van taking shape

It’s a carpeted wall!

Hey what’s this? One side of the van is now carpeted! Beautiful dark grey carpet walls. Haha you won’t hear that uttered often. Ok so its dark grey and its carpet but its a crucial element in creating our darkened theatre style gaming arena with just the lights from LEDS and TV Screens piercing your darkness.

The whole van will be carpeted in this stuff. Together with our colour changing mood lights we hope to create an atmosphere that heightens your gaming experience. Stay tuned for more updates and an exclusive opportunity to be the first to play this van. More on that very soon!

Insulating a video game van

Insulating a video game van

Never been this excited about insulation

Exclusive behind the scenes footage. Well behind the scenes because it will never see the light of day again. Its insulation! Sorry not very exciting but you’ll be thankful for this stuff on those cold winter days. The guys have been busy stuffing every nook and cranny of the ‘beast’ with super thick insulation to keep the van warm and toasty for those winter birthday parties. It’ll help to keep the cold out and keep the warm in from our state of the art temperature controlled air conditioning systems. Of course it will do the opposite on those sweltering summer days but we don’t get many of those.

For the eagle eyed you’ll also spot one of the TV’s and as for that dirty bulk head well we’ve got grand plans for that. Stay tuned.

First Gaming Squad van update

Game van seating

Can we fit 16 people on these seats?

Ok its not much but the guys have been busy creating a template for the two tiered seating. Lucky they did because If we had gone for the original dimensions those sat on the bottom tier would have had their noses pressing against the TV’s 🙂

Now the dimensions are set the plywood will all be pulled out and we’ll start again. The hard work and transformation starts here. Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to see this van transform in front of your very eyes!

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