Gaming Squad – A look back at progress so far

Gaming Squad first TV installed

It’s time for the exciting stuff!  Goodbye to insulation, air conditioning and flooring and hello to the game changers!  TV’s, sound bars and games consoles will dominate the Gaming Squad Facebook page from now on, as we transform this builder’s van into a state of the art gaming party bus.  We cannot wait to show you the changes but now seems a good time to take stock.

It all started on a sunny summer’s day in Exeter.  We put major investment in purchasing our 14 plate van but the trip from the South West to its current home, the Rhondda valleys was not without drama.  Our van is no ordinary van. The largest 3.5 tonne of its type, it has the longest possible wheelbase and the highest possible roof.  It’s a van you cannot miss.  But with no load, a very windy day and wheels that weren’t properly aligned (thanks sellers!!!) the journey back was man versus van fight all the way home.  It was a very long day ☺  

South Wales first dedicated gaming party bus

Since that day the guys have done a superb job of transforming the van into South Wales first dedicated gaming van.  They stripped the van of all previous building remains which was no mean feat. It took two guys 9 hours!  The roof and sides were packed with Rockwool insulation to keep the van dry and warm at all times and then lined with high quality ply which gave us a clean canvas to perform the transformation.

ply lined Gaming Squad van

Dark grey corded carpet adornes the ply backed walls to create the awesome atmospheric gaming environment that hits you the moment you enter the van. This not only provides a dark background for the stars of the show to shine but also gives the van a warm comfy feeling.  The air conditioners were next and one was not enough for this huge beast of a van.  Two of them were purchased to keep this van cool in the summer and warm on those cold winter days.  Our two tiered stadium seating, covered in heavy duty branded vinyl across the entire offside of the vehicle seats 16 players and makes for an impressive sight when you first board the van.

Light show fantastic

The electrics, cabling and sockets have all been professionally installed and hidden away. The heavy duty TV brackets fitted to the side of the van are designed to withstand everything our British roads can throw at it.  Shiny, hard wearing checker plate flooring has been laid, not only practical but contrasts nicely with the darkness of the van and reflect the light show to lend to the awesome atmosphere.

Last but not least we have our first TV installed. It may not look much but it’s a seminal moment in this project and marks a distinct change in direction as we leave the foundations behind and start on the components that will transform the Gaming Squad van into South Wales first gaming party van. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and you’ll see every change. We’re also close to announcing the date the van will be launched. See you all soon.

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